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But what's this? Cousin Randy left the gate open, and now all the aminals are gettin' loose! Someone call Banjoe Billie, he's the best wrangler we got!"

A small game, the very first one I "completed". 100%. No bugs whatsoever, no sirreebob...

Jokes aside, this whole game came from a conversation I had with my roommate one day about whether or not you could teach a cow to fetch. One thing led to another, and I made a top-down shooter to prove my side of the argument. ...I have no clue what my side even was, but hey, at least we got a game out of it. 

This game was more designed as an exercise in statistic tracking (as you'll see at the end of the game), as well as other personal tests. Normally I would condemn this to the "FOLDER OF FORBIDDEN DEMOS", but it's pretty complete and has a lot more than any of my demos. It's dead simple, but eh, it works.

So enjoy, good luck and aim for a high score!

Install instructions

Simply Unzip, run the exe, and enjoy!


Banjo Billie V1.2.zip 30 MB

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