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The Greedites have invaded Gormah City and are eating all the good food, leaving only the bland and crappy food for the residents of the world-renowned Culinary Cookopolis. It's up to Peppy Ronny, leader of the Gastro Gang, to teach these rather rude ravagers a thing or two or three and drive them out of the City.

It's gonna be an all out Food WAR!

This game was my first attempt at a full-ish game. The game was originally designed to be a Matrix-themed sidescrolling platformer with bullet-time shenanigans, but I couldn't figure out how to make proper collision code in Unity, so I scrapped that idea in favor of a 2.5D "Three-Lane" action game. I got the lane idea from playing Streets of Rage (this also influenced my choice in music for the game's soundtrack).

Two-and-a-half months of non-stop work later and I "finished" the first level. I'm no good at level design, and at this point I'm too burnt out on this game to even attempt to make it look good. This game was planned to have 3 levels plus a boss fight at the end, but I'm putting that on hold and releasing what is finished so far for feedback purposes and to get SOMETHING out on this account.

With that said, enjoy our silly micro game about a punk dude throwing stale pizza at exploding tanks that shoot bones.

PublisherMirage Garage Studios
Made withUnity, Blender, Adobe Photoshop
Tags2D, 3D, Retro, Side Scroller, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes


witty_food_pun.ziPASTA 35 MB

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